School Residency

Theatricks Circus School Spectacular is an in-school residency program like no other! Designed to enrich and educate students through the use of circus arts. Whether one excels in strength, balance, dexterity, coordination or possesses other skill sets, success can be found among the circus arts. Success results in confidence. Confidence leads to higher aspirations. Circus arts provides a challenging and exciting approach to learning, physical development and teamwork that is suited for children of all ages (and adults as well).

Available programs

Theatricks Circus Revue!

• Be amazed and amused by this awe-inspiring display of circus chicanery.

Theatricks Circus School!

• This basic introduction to circus provides a series of exciting hands-on workshops in juggling, balancing, plate spinning, diabolo and more.

Theatricks Circus Spectacular!

• Our crown jewel. In addition to basic workshops a specified target group (typically a grade level) receives advanced training through multiple workshops and performs their own Circus Spectacular! Performance could be in the evening and used as a fund-raising opportunity.

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Upcoming Camps for 2015!!!

• St John's RCS
Date: TBA
• The Banner School
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