Social Circus

• Across the world, a wealth of initiatives are emerging that use circus arts as a means to carry out social projects within sensitive, disadvantaged or endangered communities. Whether addressed to people with a physical or mental disability, migrants, those facing drug addiction, or young people with learning disabilities, circus seems to be an efficient tool for building independence, confidence, creativity and self-esteem within individuals, as well as for fostering solidarity and cooperation among the members of a group.

• Circus consists of a series of disciplines, each with its own unique virtues, but all can help people to acquire the fundamental skills which are necessary for personal and social development. According to studies on the subject, circus uses alternative pedagogical tools that stress well-being. Circus arts are an ideal social medium. Whether one excels in strength, balance, dexterity, coordination or possesses other skill sets, success can be found among the circus arts. Success results in confidence. Confidence leads to higher aspirations.

• Theatricks provides social circus instructors who possess in-depth knowledge of the technical skills, safety rules and best teaching methods adapted to the context and the participants. For longer residencies, we will work with the instructors and community workers to ensure that they all know the best practices, apply the same rules and achieve the same benefits and help train the instructors and social workers, providing support on special projects and work with partner organizations on ensuring the longevity of the program.

• Theatricks is currently seeking the funding to establish an in-house full-time program in our studio in Frederick. This would provide a home for us, for the children and facilitate the development of a performing troupe as a visible incentive all participants, at the same time establishing a very public face to positive pro-active social programs addressing the needs of our community.

• Contact us today to make a donation or to find out more about this exciting and inspiring mission.