Program Schedule

Introduction to Circus Arts

Free Range

FAMILY CLASS: Thursday 7-8pm  | Sept. 22-Nov. 17, 2022

TEEN CLASS: Thursday 7-8pm  | Sept. 22-Nov. 17, 2022


FCC Kids on Campus

Camp 1

July 10 – 14, 2023  |  Ages 6-16

Camp 2

July 17 – 1416 2023  |  Ages 6-16


What is Theatricks?

est. 1989

Theatricks is a performance and educational company that recognizes the values of art and culture as powerful agents in the education of all young people, producing knowledge, self-awareness and promoting the interchange of ideas and experiences.

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Explore Circus Arts


Build Confidence & Social Skills

We specialize in the circus arts to teach social and personal skills. The demands inherent to circus training give rise to a personal transformation within the student. The seemingly impossible suddenly becomes possible as individuals develop self-discipline and perseverance, absolute requirements in facing the difficulties and daily challenges presented to them.

Through their own efforts they navigate these tasks and in doing so discover they are capable and valuable beings. The results are confidence, self-expression, poise and a stronger body.

Circus training also creates an outlet for managed risk taking, creativity and team building. The myriad of activities the circus offers allows accessibility for students to realize their own potential in accordance to their own abilities. 

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